Planning My National Parks Road Trip For Late Spring

United Airlines Reservation Confirmation

United Airlines Reservation Confirmation

Exact plans are still fluid but one thing is for certain, we will be flying in and out of Denver. After spending couple of hours late at night searching different city pairs for flights and for rental cars, I’ve come to the conclusion that starting and ending the trip in Denver would be the most cost effective option. While multi-city airfare on United was roughly the same price as round trip from LAX to Denver, as I expected, the oneway rental car cost was three to four times the cost of picking up and returning the rental car to the same location.

So as of today, I know when and where we are starting and ending our road trip but where and when we are going in between is still in flux. Based on preliminary research, it looks like we will be driving through five states: Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana during this upcoming road trip visiting National Parks and Monuments. I’ve already booked our Los Angeles to Denver flight and now I have to spend some time researching and planning the rest of the road trip.