Panini Lunch Before Leaving Montreal At Caffe Grazie Mille

Caffe Grazie Mille Montreal Food Display

Caffe Grazie Mille Montreal Food Display

Caffe Grazie Mille Montreal Panini Display

Caffe Grazie Mille Montreal Panini Display

After devouring couple of sesame seed bagels from Fairmount Bagels, I needed some coffee to wash down the bagels and to keep me awake during our drive to Ottawa. Next door to Fairmount Bagels, is an Italian Cafe so I went inside to originally get some coffee for myself and my dad togo, but we ended up staying and having lunch with the coffee. Caffe Grazie Mille, has a display case with assorted delicious panini’s that just beckoned us to stay for lunch. I called my parents in from outside, and had them select the paninis they wanted. I chose the “Bosco,” which contained Salami Genoa, Salami Rustique, Provolone, Roquette, and Parmigiano and some greens inside of a multigrain baguette.

The paninis were all warmed up on a panini press before being plated. Our coffees were freshly made to order with illy espresso. There isn’t a lot of seating area at Caffe Grazie Mille, just some countertop seating along the window. The gentleman working here is also the free entertainment with lunch. He is a very personable person and great with all of the customers that were coming and going including ourselves. Just as we were finished with lunch and about to leave, the guy mentioned earlier, brought out couple of chocolate truffles for my mom. He said that he only gives chocolate to women he likes as he delivered the three pieces of chocolate truffles.

If you are visiting Fairmount Bagel, I would recommend that you also stop by Caffe Grazie Mille for coffee, lunch or both. The food is on par with what you would get at panini joints in Italy and the coffee is excellent.

Caffe Grazie Mille
58 Avenue Fairmount O
Montreal, QC H2T 2M2