Paillard Quebec City For For Pastries And Lunch


After our walk down Rue Saint-Jean all the way down to Porte Saint-Jean, we headed back the way same way we came from. Between Rue Said-Stanislas and Cote du Palais, we stopped at Paillard Cafe and Bakery for some lunch. We found ourselves an empty table and I left my parents to watch over our stuff while I went to order food and drinks. I first went to the bakery area and ordered two croissants and a black coffee for my dad and an iced americano for myself. I dropped off the croissant and the coffee with my parents and then I went to the sandwich and food section and ordered Paillard’s roast beef sandwich and also picked up my iced americano from the espresso bar.

Quebec City Paillard Croissants

Quebec City Paillard Croissants

I went back to our table and found that my parents had already dug into the croissants. The rule is NO ONE touches the food until I’ve taken my pictures of it, but my parents keep forgetting this rule. My mom tried her best to stage the croissant so I could take my pictures of the flaky and golden pastry. According to my mom, Paillard’s croissant blows all of the croissants that we’ve sampled so far out of the water. During our visit, a gentleman wearing a beret was performing for the cafe with his accordion. His music was quite pleasant and fit the atmosphere of the cafe really well. With the coffee, the croissant, and people speaking French, it really did feel like we were somewhere in France. On my way to pick up the roast beef sandwich, I tipped the guy and he thanked me it with a nod.

I picked up the sandwich and returned to our table where my mom helped me take pictures of the sandwich by moving parts of it, such as the bread around for me. The sandwich was good and the proportions of the meat, cheese and the veggies were perfect. For some reason, I thought the read onions went really well with the sandwich. Other places put onions in sandwiches as well, but somehow, the red onion seemed to work better with the ingredients in Paillard’s roast beef sandwich than others. I can’t describe it exactly but it just worked! By the time were were finished with our food and coffee, and left the restaurant, the raining had stopped so my mom wanted to go back down to Petit Champlain to explore it again while it wasn’t pouring rain on us.