Maple Taffy At La Petite Cabane a Sucre Quebec City


While walking around Petit Champlain, I saw a tray of snow ice outside of La Petite Cabane a Sucre store. I knew what the snow was for from watching Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern’s show on Quebec. There was a sign attached to the container of snow ice, that maple taffy was $2.00 CAD each. I went inside the store, paid the girl at the register $6.00 CAD for the three of us. The employees for the store heated up the maple mixture before bringing the container out to the snow table. While the girl who I paid was pouring out the maple mixture onto the snow, I was busy taking pictures of the whole process from beginning to the end. The massive number of tourists that arrived via tour buses decided they wanted to get in on the photo op, and some even got in the way of my pictures. Seriously, I PAID for the show and maple taffy for my parents and I but a bunch of tourists converged around the snow box getting in the way of the experience.

Quebec City Hot Maple Taffy Pouring

Quebec City Hot Maple Taffy Pouring

After waiting about a minute, the girl that poured the maple mixture onto the snow started to roll the taffy onto popsicle sticks. After rolling the maple taffy, she placed then back on the snow and told me to let them cool for another minute before eating them. Just as she finished telling me this, one of the tourists, grabbed the maple taffy off the snow and almost ate it. I gave the guy a WTF look and the girl told the male tourist, that its NOT free and will cost him $2.00 CAD. At that point he put the maple taffy back down and left. Luckily, the girl who was making the maple taffy, poured enough for more than three so I grabbed the three that had not been touched and an inch from some strangers mouth. I’m a visitor here in Quebec City as well but while I’m here and in any place that I visit, I try VERY hard not to be “Those EXPLICATIVE Tourists.” I won’t grab something off of a stores table and assume it is free to consume without asking, I won’t be loud and obnoxious etc. etc. but it seems some still behave in ways that will bring ridicule from the locals and others around them.

My dad and I finished our maple taffy but my mom, who is not a big fan of sweet stuff gave me hers to finish after tasting a little bit of it. I finished both before we walked back down Rue du Petit-Champlain to head back to our hotel, the Chateau Frontenac. Since it was raining, I planned on taking the funicular back instead of taking the stairs, but the funicular had a long line so we climbed back up Breakneck Steps and Escalier Frontenac to the hotel. The stairs are definitely not for those that are out of shape, seniors who are out of shape or those that have knee or joint issues. Since the three of us stay active, the stairs were a cinch even in the pouring rain with umbrellas of people going up and down getting in the way.