Dinner At Philippe Los Angeles Before Heading To LAX

Philippe's Three French Dip Sandwiches And Diet Coke

Philippe’s Three French Dip Sandwiches And Diet Coke

I arrived at Los Angeles Union Station on time on Amtrak and I headed directly to Amtrak’s Metropolitan Lounge to have them look after my suitcase for about an hour. My parents arrived at Union Station and we walked to Intiraymi Peruvian restaurant, as we planned ahead earlier in the week, only to find that it was closed. Since Philippe was around the corner, we walked there for dinner instead. We ordered our sandwiches along with coleslaw, potato salad and a slice of pie at the counter before joining my mom who already found us a table.

Philippe's Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Ice Tea, And Slice Of Pie

Philippe’s Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Ice Tea, And Slice Of Pie

This was not our first time eating at Philippe but it has been a while since the last time my parents nor I ate here. Nothing has changed except their mustard seemed to be much less volatile than I remember it used to be. The sawdust is still on the floor and the ladies who work behind the counter still make all of your sandwiches to order wearing their retro uniforms. One thing that has changed for sure is the price of Philippe’s cup of coffee, which according to my dad, a cup used to cost $0.10 when he used to eat at Philippe’s back in the 80’s when he used to work in Downtown Los Angeles.

We finished our dinner, and walked back to Union Station to catch the FlyAway bus to the airport. I picked up my suitcase from the Metropolitan Lounge and my parents retrieved theirs from their car parked in the stations parking garage before we walked down the tunnel leading to the tracks and the east side of Union Station where the FlyAway bus, along with most other busses departs and arrives from. We bought our tickets, our luggage was tagged for the correct terminal by the baggage handler and in short time the bus arrived and we were onboard after all the passengers from LAX disembarked.

88% Awesome

Great historic place to grab what is claimed to be the original French Dip Sandwich. Located just a short walk from Los Angeles Union Station, the restaurant can get really crazy during Dodgers Game Day, when Metro runs special trains for the game. The bathroom cleanliness got only a 6/10 due to mess from maintenance going on in the men's restroom when I visited. I score the restaurant a 9/10 for visual cleanliness of the main restaurant.

  • Price 100 %
  • Taste 100 %
  • Visual Restaurant Cleanliness 90 %
  • Bathroom Cleanliness 60 %