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Airline business class products come in many different shapes and sizes. On many long haul international flights, lie flat business class seats with elegant multi-course meals and airport lounge access are becoming the norm. Many airlines have even come up with a unique signature inflight amenities to distinguish their business class product from their competitors.

When I flew on Swiss Airlines long haul business class, ice cream carts with waffle cones were rolled through the aisles mid flight. On Turkish Airlines long haul business class, our multi-course meals started with a appetizer buffet trolley and ended with a dessert buffet trolley.

In North and South America, non long haul business class products usually offer recliner type business class seats which are wider and generally more comfortable than their economy class offerings. With the US airlines, the same seats on domestic flights are sold as “first class,” but if the same aircraft is operated on a international route, then it is generally sold as business class.

The vast majority of airlines in the EU, block off the center seat in economy class and sell the product as business class on short and medium haul flights. This type of product is generally referred to “Euro Business” by the traveling public. It used to be the norm that a drink table would be placed on the center blocked seat in Euro Business but that is not always the case anymore.

I have personally flown in all three types of business class seats and you can read about my experience in my business class trip reports below.

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After having Christmas lunch at the Pacific Dining Car, we drove over to Los Angeles…