Brophy Bros Seafood Restaurant Ventura California


My mom asked me what I wanted to do for dinner tonight. After thinking about it for 20 min, I suggested we go to Brophy Bros in Ventura CA. While the drive from my parents house to Brophy Bros takes about 50 min, neither my dad nor mom hesitated. About two years ago, a client of min in Santa Barbara recommended that I eat at Brophy Bros the next time I was in Santa Barbara, if I liked seafood. During one of our weekend visits up to Santa Barbara, we ate at Brophy Bros Santa Barbara and have been hooked ever since.

Last year, by chance, we discovered that Brophy Bros has a Ventura location, during our visit and walk around Ventura Harbor Village. Ever since when, we have been visiting Brophy Bros Ventura location, which saves us an extra hour of driving up to Santa Barbara. Before, discovering the Ventura location, it was not unusual for my parents to drive the two hours up to the Santa Barbara location. Tonight when we arrived, there was no wait for a table. We were seated outside on their covered balcony right under the heater.

I ordered a glass of white wine for myself, while browsing through the menu.There are two items that my parents and I always order when we are at Brophy Bros. The steamed clams/mussels with broth, and the beer battered fish and chips. Since my grandmother was with us today, I also ordered the crab cake dinner plate, and the breaded clams plate. To start off the dinner, I ordered the Brophy’s House Salad to share with the table and a cup of clam chowder is also included in the crab cake dinner to start plus plenty of bread and butter.

The salad and the steamed mussels with broth arrived first. Along with the cup of clam chowder which is included with the crab cakes. The broth that the mussels are steamed in is accompanied on the side in a mug. My parents have driven out to Bropy Bros on their day off from work just for the steamed mussels. I don’t know exactly what is in the broth but after we had it for the first time at their Santa Barbara location, we have been hooked ever since. The broth is light with cracked peppers which give it a spicy kick whenever you bite into one. The mussels taste and smell fresh without any hint of fishiness.

The beer battered fish and chips and the breaded clams arrived next. The fish and chips here I can say is the best I have had so far. I don’t order fish and chips anywhere else anymore. The fish are served freshly out of the fryer with a crispy and light batter coating, while still managing not to be greasy. I have been disappointed with fish and chips at many restaurants before, including what some call “Authentic” British style ones. I have yet to find another restaurant that can beat out the fish and chips at Brophy Bros.

Finally, the crab cake dinner arrived. This was our first time trying the crab cakes here. As with all of the seafood dishes at Brophy Bros, the crab cakes did not disappoint! The crab cakes were full of crabmeat and easy on fillers. The sauce, already comes atop the crab cakes and went really well together. The crab cake plate will be joining our list of must haves when eating at Brophy Bros along with the steamed mussels and the fish and chips.

Brophy Bros is different than many beach community seafood restaurants. While many costal seafood restaurants seem to cater to the weekend visitors and tourist, Brophy Bros seem to be focused on local market. When you visit one of their restaurant, I get a sense that the clientele are primarily locals, with a sprinkling of people visiting from out of town like ourselves. Their food taste fresh and flavorful vs the tasteless and greasy, concoctions served at many of Brophy Bros competitor restaurants. If you want to try flavorful and fresh seafood at reasonable prices at the same restaurant that the locals dine, give Brophy Bros in Ventura (or Santa Barbara) a try.

10.0 Flawless
  • Price 10
  • Taste 10
  • Service 10
  • Visual Restaurant Cleanliness 10