Boboquivari’s aka Bobo’s For Porterhouse Steak Dinner

Bobo's Decorations

Bobo’s Decorations

My buddy Marc, from college got stuck in traffic on his way to San Francisco from Sacramento due to a drunk driver, hitting one of the toll booths on the Oakland Bay Bridge and killing the toll taker that was working in that booth. By the time he arrived at my hotel, the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel San Francisco, it was well past the reservation time that I had booked on Open Table. About 30 minutes before our reservation time, I called Bobo’s directly to let them know that my buddy was running late due to the mess on the Bay Bridge and also to see if they had a table later in the evening. I was told by the hostess to just come whenever we were ready and that she would accommodate us.

Bobo's Bar Decorations

Bobo’s Bar Decorations

By the time our Uber dropped us off in front of Bobo’s, we were about an hour late. We went inside and I let the hostess know that I made a reservation Open Table and that I called ahead earlier saying that I was running late. She remembered that call and told me that a table would come up shortly and suggested that we have a drink or two at the bar while waiting. Normally, I would have gladly ordered a drink or two while waiting for a table, but the bar was packed and there was no way Marc and I would be able to squeeze in together. So we stepped to one side and waited while Marc and I caught up on events over the past 19 years in our lives. Due to the small size of the restaurant, we had to keep moving around to let people and the restaurant staff get to where they needed to go.

Bobo's Place Setting

Bobo’s Place Setting

After about 15 minutes of waiting, my name was called and we were escorted to our table. We were seated in a semi private corner table which was tight for the two of us but seating here looked a bit tight in general. I had booked Bobo’s because during our text message conversation the night before, conversation about what to eat for dinner came up and I told Marc his choice. He suggested a steakhouse and after researching for steakhouses in San Francisco, I settled on Bobo’s and made reservations.

Bobo's Gin And Tonic

Bobo’s Gin And Tonic

We both started out with a cocktail, Marc had a double Tito’s Vodka on the rocks while I had a Bombay Sapphire and tonic. While enjoying our drinks, we browsed the menu and eventually decided to go for the best of both worlds and order the porterhouse steak and share it since it would be way too much food for either one of us to finish alone. When our waiter came back, we placed the order for the porterhouse along with the portobello mushroom side and an order of onion rings. Marc ordered the apples, walnuts, sun-dried cranberries salad and I ordered Bobo’s lobster soup as my appetizer.

Bobo's Lobster Soup

Bobo’s Lobster Soup

While we were continuing our talk about what we’ve been up to over the past 19 years, our appetizers and the house bread arrived. Marc’s salad looked good but I was completely disappointed with my lobster soup. The menu described by soup as “main lobster in a mild curry brodetto” but there was no visible sign of lobster in the soup that I could tell. The lobster soup was more of a bisque type of soup and I thought the description on the menu was very deceptive. Marc, the little princess was watching his carbs and sugar so he didn’t touch any of the bread, but I indulged for the both of us.

Bobo's Porterhouse Steak

Bobo’s Porterhouse Steak

Just as I was getting over feeling ripped off over the lobster soup, our porterhouse steak arrived. At Bobo’s, they cook their porterhouse steaks Bobo’s Style, which means they separate the fillet and strip portions and cook them separately so each cut are cooked at their optimum cooking temperature. It was a good thing that we ordered one porterhouse to share because it was a lot of meat! The portobello mushrooms were excellent and addictive and the onion rings were ok. Marc didn’t touch the onion rings due to the breading, so it was all me.

During our meal, the waiter came by to see if everything was ok and if we wanted another round of drinks. Marc and I both obliged. Once we were finished, our plates were cleared and dessert was offered. Since Marc was on a no carb and sugar nonsense, I ordered myself what sounded the most interesting to me one the menu, which was the Monterosa wild strawberry italian cheesecake. The cake was not too heavy and the portion just right for a single individual to finish on their own. This was my first time I’ve tried wild strawberries and I am not quite sure what to think of them. I would describe them as raspberry like but much less seed and also less tart than raspberry which btw I am not a huge fan of.

Bobo's Bill

Bobo’s Bill

After finishing off the last bit of the cheesecake and our cocktails, I asked for our check so I could pay it. The total before tips came out to $217.96 which includes a 4.9% San Francisco Health Care Surcharge. I left a 15% tip on the subtotal which came out to $29.00 and the grand total came out to $246.96. I personally found the 4.9% surcharge distasteful. There is no law or ordinance that says the Healthy San Francisco charge on businesses needs to be collected directly from the customers. It is completely up to the businesses to decide on how they are going to pass the cost along to the customers. Personally, I think any business that tacks on a unavoidable surcharge to be distasteful. Just add it to the price of the items on the menu so it reflects the TRUE COST instead of slapping the customer with something they can’t say no to in the end.