After Lunch Visit To Moray Peru

Moray Peru

Moray Peru

After our Pachamanca Lunch at El Albergue Organic Farm, my parents and I decided to skip climbing up the ruins of Ollantaytambo and instead head over to our final two places on our private tour. Alex agreed with us that skipping the climb up Ollantaytambo was probably for the best since we just had a big lunch. Also, since we already spent the morning climbing up Pisac and back, my parents and I were not in the mood for anymore heavy climbing in the think air.

Antonio picked us up and then we left Ollantaytambo for the Moray archaeological site. Since it was a bit of a walk from where we were parked down to the site, my parents and I decided to enjoy the view from above instead of walking all the way down and then back up. By the time we arrived at Moray, it was already past 4PM so even though Alex thought it would be ok to walk down to the site and back, my parents and I decided to pass. Alex did take the time to explain that the theory is that Moray was a farming laboratory and also how that there is a big temperance difference between the top level terrace and the lowest level terrace in the circular area.